Option 1 – IVF

At first, both adoption and egg donation seemed impossible choices to accept (particularly egg donation) so I was quite keen to get started on an IVF treatment. When we found out our results in January the first option was to look for IVF treatment. In the UK, it is very difficult to get IVF covered... Continue Reading →

The beginning

My infertility journey begins in November 2015 when my husband (Mika) and I decided that we were ready to have a baby after being together for 4 years. Like many couples with fertility issues, we never anticipated problems and innocently assumed pregnancy would happen within the first months of us trying, only to be disappointed... Continue Reading →


My name is Rebe, I am 30 years old and infertile. I never thought that would become my introduction but for the past 6 months this is the tagline I say in my head. People that know me well know that I love children and becoming a mom and building a family was the ultimate dream. In... Continue Reading →


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