#MicroblogMondays: Qi (energy)

A recent discovery as I have been going through my infertility journey is how open one becomes to trying everything (not to mention the ease at which one will spend crazy amounts of money) for the tiniest slithers of hope.

I will share the different treatments and tips I have followed but for the purpose of today’s microblog, I will share that tonight I am going to see Master Oh! a famous Qi energy healer that has been featured in several articles.

He diagnosed me at a festival two weeks ago and told me that I have energy trapped in my stomach area which is what is not letting the Qi flow through my energy channels, affecting my ovaries and giving me back pain. By performing a Qi-ssage (massage), the trapped energy will be able to flow through my body.

What do I think about this diagnosis?

I am not sure but as mentioned at this stage, I am open to trying anything! This is the beginning of five sessions with Master Oh! and still not sure how effective this can be so I will keep you updated on the treatments.

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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: Qi (energy)

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  1. I do believe in acupuncture and how the needles in the acu points all over your body make the qi in your body flow again. I don’t see the harm of trying. I see that your dx is diminished ovarian reserve. I am hopeful for you that even with this diagnosis, your age hopefully will help find the eggs that are good quality. Best of luck in everything. It’s not an easy journey.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement Isabelle!

      I am also trying to stay positive and have been changing my diet and lifestyle to have the best chances if possible.

      Also really glad to stumble upon your blog!


    1. Thanks Parul, yes I am going to give a it a go and see if it helps. At the moment all I have to do is wait and keep positive and busy while we have more answers.

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  2. I believe energy flows through the body and that energy can get blocked. For this treatment to work I think you must too believe this and work with your body to heal(unblock) it. I do wish you well in this journey.

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